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Being involved in a car accident can be very traumatic. If you are able, you must immediately call the police from the scene of the accident. It is also very important that you obtain a copy of the official police report, as soon as it is possible.

When able, it is important to write down any details you can remember, the sooner the better, as the accident will still be fresh in your mind. You may remember details, that later could perhaps be forgotten.

Shortly after an accident occurs, you may not be feeling any pain, it is very possible that you are in shock and your body has not recognized the fact that you are injured. Often times, you may have suffered an injury, but the pain does not show up for perhaps hours later.

It is imperative that you seek medical attention in a timely manner. Florida statute requires that you see a physician within 14 days of your accident. The sooner your injuries are documented the better off you will be.

Hiring a personal injury attorney will optimize your chances of acquiring a fair settlement from the insurance company. Statistics show that hiring an attorney typically insures that you will be compensated an amount 3-5 times more than dealing with the situation on your own.

Insurance companies, benefit from compensating injured parties. Without someone representing you on your side, the insurance company will try to offer you a lower settlement amount than you are entitled to. Do not speak to any insurance companies, or opposing attorneys until you have acquired representation, this is the wisest move for your protection.

From the moment that we take on your case, your burden will be lifted. You will have the peace of mind that your best interests are our first priority. We will zealously seek the up most compensation for; medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering and any other related expense.

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