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Child Custody
divorce and children

The court expects parents to want to protect their children from the emotional roller coaster that can be associated with a divorce. A child’s life is turned upside down when his or her parents separate.

The goal of a court’s determination of custody and visitation is to provide a living arrangement that is in the best interests of a child’s welfare, in accordance with the many factors found in Florida Statues 61.13.

Child Support

The parent with whom the child does not spend a majority of its time will be required to provide a “reasonable” share of the cost of housing, food, clothing, education, medical and other needs typically provided by Florida parents. This “reasonable” amount is defined by the Child Support Guidelines in the Florida Statutes.

Expenses such as rent, mortgage, car payment, gas, food, clothing, and utilities are not relevant when determining a party’s child support obligation. In fact, the amount of child support you think you need (or the amount you think you can afford to pay) are also irrelevant and will not be considered by the Court.

The only factors that the court will consider are:
  • Both parents’ incomes
  • Deductions allowed by statute
  • Child care costs
  • Cost of the child’s medical insurance
Child Support Kids
All of this can be complicated and confusing, especially when this is a time when emotions can be in turmoil. At Faga Law, we will be there for you and help you through these difficult times.