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Antonio Faga Esq. Represents; entrepreneurs, companies, investors and business executives running their internal operations. Mr. Faga has exceptional insight into corporate law and will guide you, protect you and give you sound legal advice in every aspect that involves corporation and its complexities.

We understand our clients’ corporate issues, we respond quickly to their needs. Our expert staff will guide and assist you in accomplishing any task, or conflict, that may pertain to your corporation.

Depending on the situation, we can serve as your business advisory,or can act on behalf of your corporation in court, if need be.

We will listen to your needs and use our analytical skills, technical training and experience to efficiently guide you through the process of protecting and enforcing your rights. Some of the areas we cover are;

  • Articles of incorporation and bylaws
  • Shareholder and buy-sell agreements
  • Executive employment and non-compete agreements
  • Service and manufacturing contracts
  • Promissory notes and security agreements
  • Purchase orders, sales contracts, and customer agreements
  • Confidentiality and trade secrets agreements
  • Operating policies and procedures manuals