Direct: (239) 597-9999 Ext.3

Job Description

  • Draft Pleadings and Motions
  • Assist in the Discovery Process
  • Compile Discovery
  • Complete and Follow All Pre-trial Orders
  • Prepare a Aase for Trial

As Firm Administrator

  • Billing
  • Human Resources and the Overall
  • Day-to-Day Function of the Firm
  • Keeping up on the “Compliance Rules” with the “Florida State Bar and the State”

Jennifer is available to all of the Faga Law clients in assisting them during the course of their matters at hand.

Email: Direct: (239) 597-9999 Ext.3

During the course of a litigation proceeding, Jennifer Wood will draft pleadings and motions, assist in the discovery process, compile discovery, complete and follow all pre-trial orders, and prepare a case for trial.

Each and every litigation case is different, each client has individual needs, and all cases need specified attention.

Along with assistance from Ashley Miranda, and Elizabeth “Liz” Martinez, Jennifer ensures each and every case receives the up most legal diligence it deserves. Jennifer is familiar with the court process, the rules of civil procedure, as well as keeping up with the ongoing and changing laws and rules.

Jennifer is also the Firm Administrator, which entails such duties as; Billing, Human resources, and the Overall, Day-to-Day function of the firm. Such responsibilities also include, keeping up on the “Compliance Rules” with the “Florida State Bar and the State”. This isĀ  essential in ensuring that the Attorneys are always able to stay in compliance with the law.

When Jennifer is not at the office, she enjoys spending time with her significant other Mike, and her little ones; Landon age 2, and Sawyer & Sofia, the “Twins”, age 1. She also enjoys reading, spending time with friends and of course shopping!

Jennifer is also currently enrolled as a full time night student at Hodges University, her aspiration is to one day become a lawyer with the firm.