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In this day and time, the prospect of facing a foreclosure is something man families are sadly experiencing. There are an array of reasons that can stop property owners from keeping up with mortgage payments, Some of the challenges that face today homeowners include but is not limited to; unemployment, divorce, injury,an income loss,or an extended illness.

Whatever your situation may be,there are a number of legal steps you can take to fight a foreclosure.When dealing with a foreclosure, we will explain any and all legal recourse that may be available to you.

You may have an option of having us renegotiate with your lender to come to an agreement of a more affordable payment.If that is an unobtainable solution, we can assist in a “short sale” of the property. In this scenario, the home would sell for an amount less than what is owed on the mortgage, but it erases any further financial obligation to your lender.

At Faga Law we will communicate clearly the legalities in understanding the foreclosure process. We understand and empathize with your particular situation and will go above and beyond in helping you protect your interests, your family and your peace of mind.