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You have a “Premises liability” if you; Own or Rent your home, Own a business or property. Premises Liability applies to who is “Liable” for injuries that have occurred on a given “property”.

Florida has 3 separate Categories Pertaining to “Premises Liability”
  • Business Invitee – a person has been invited to the business for business purposes.
  • Licensee – A licensee comes onto the property as a guest with approval of the property owner.
  • Trespasser – This pertains to someone that enters the property, “uninvited” and/or without knowledge of the property owner

The decision on whether the property owner is liable in such a case depends highly on the circumstances. For instance, children are looked at differently than let’s say a criminal. Children are curious and the property owner may be liable if a child wonders onto your property and gets injured. A criminal on the other hand, for one is an adult and knows full well they are not “invited” onto the property.

In all circumstances, the property owner is responsible to maintain some aspect of reasonable care over their property as to not allow injury to others.